Uni Tec Energy Product Portfolio

Solar Power Industry | Solar Lighting | Battery Packs | Charging Stations

Solar Power Industry

Residential | Commercial | Industrial

Uni-Tec Energy has become successful in supporting more than a hundreds of residential, commercial & industrial developments to totally eliminate their high electricity bills with providing high efficiency solar panel systems.

Solar Power Industry

Solar Panels Systems

Canadian Solar BiHiKu6

Bifacial module up to 540 W

Canadian Solar KuPower

Power ranges 200W to 355W

Canadian Solar HiKu

Power range 330 ~ 460 W

Canadian Solar HiDM

Power range 320 ~ 420 W 

JA-Solar 72S10/MR - PV

72-cell MBB Half-cell Module

JA-Solar 60S20/MR - PV

60-cell MBB Half-cell Module

Phono Solar TwinPlus Module

Higher power generation with multi-busbar

Phono Solar Smart Module

Optimized energy output by constantly tracking the maximum power point

Solar Power Industry

Solar Inverter Systems

FIMER ABB PVI-3.0 Inverters

Rugged outdoor inverter | Single-phase

Canadian Solar Commercial Inverters

String inverters | 3 Phase | Upto 110 kW

Canadian Solar Utility Inverters

String inverters | 3 Phase | Upto 255 kW

NS Series Inverters

1-3KW | Single Phase | 1  MPPT technology

SDT Series Inverters

4-10KW | 2 MPPT | Tigo Integrated

SMA Solar SUNNY BOY 3.0 Inverters

SMA Smart Connected | Automatic inverter monitoring

SMA SUNNY BOY 3.0-US Inverters

SMA Smart Connected | Automatic inverter monitoring

Canadian Solar Residential Inverters

String inverters | 3 Phase | Upto 20 kW

Solar Lighting

Home Garden | Park | Commercial

You can say goodbye to darkness and costly electricity bills with our solar-powered LED lighting solutions harness the sun’s energy to provide high-quality illumination for outdoor applications.

High Power Solar Street Lamaps

Upto 150w LED Lights | Optimized light distribution | Sensors

16 LED Solar Motion

Upto 45W LED Lights | Automatic high and low mode | Motion sensor

60W Solar Powered Street Lights

Upto 60W LED Lights | Wide range of 120 degree Angle| Motion sensor

30W Solar Powered LED Graden Lights

All in one solar light System | Simplicity | Fashionable | Appearance | Elegant

Energy Storage Systems

Residential | Commercial

Innovative advanced lithium-ion battery solutions and other energy storage have have capabilities of safety, stable operation in harsh environments, speed charging time and long  life cycle.

GoodWe A-ES Series Energy Storage

5-9.6kW| HV Battery | up to 4 MPPT

GoodWe EM Series Energy Storage

3-5KW | 50A Charger | Storage Inverter

GoodWe ES Series Energy Storage

3.6-5KW | 100A Charger | Storage Inverter

GoodWe BT Series Energy Storage

5-10KW | Three Phase| High Voltage Battery